Our current reality means most of us are spending a lot of time at home. While we are all practicing social distancing and self-isolation, finding a sense of normalcy in our day to day is key. Although there is nothing better than seeing a historic masterpiece like Emil Bach House in person, we wanted to share the opportunity for you to connect with us virtually!

With so much history, character, and architectural charm around every corner, Emil Bach House, built by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, is more than just a place to stay. We invite you to experience in detail every space, scenery, and opportunity that Emil Bach House has to offer. You can find the 360 virtual tour here.

Begin your virtual tour by wandering through our gorgeous Japanese Tea House & Garden and explore our scenic outdoor grounds. Here you will have a view of our semi-permanent tent to give you some inspiration for what can be accomplished in this space. For a moment, you’ll forget that this home is located in the city, less than 10 miles from the heart of Chicago!

Next, you will see the panoramic view of our first-floor common areas including a dining room and living room, fireplace, full kitchen, and screened-in porch. Walk up the stairs to the second floor and find yourself in our two elegant, comfortable guest rooms, each with a balcony that adds to the “outside-inside” theme of the house. You’ll also get a view of the spacious study and the terrace area.

While on the virtual tour, you’ll see the materials, color schemes, and geometrical forms associated with Wright’s early Prairie work. The contained geometry, efficient scale and distinctive window designs of Emil Bach House are an important link between Wright’s Prairie period and the architectural innovations that would follow in decades to come.

If you have a future event in mind and feel like you’d need more space, Lang House Chicago next door can provide the additional space you need.

For any questions regarding upcoming events or vacation rentals and availability, our team is here to accommodate your needs during these times. You can reach us at 773-654-3959.

If you have some extra time on your hands, let us know what you thought of our virtual tour in the comments below!