Bridal showers, couple showers, and baby showers in Chicago are making a comeback as people begin to activate their delayed plans from 2020. However, the trend to keep events safe and small seems to be here to stay for a while.

Instead of furrowing your brow over a limited guest list, delight in making your intimate event beautiful and unique. Showers don’t need to be boring and filled with party games. After all, showers were a radical concept at one time, with their roots traced back to 16th century Holland as an alternative to the dowry system. While showers were traditionally just for the bride, gaining popularity in the United States in the late Victorian Era so that women in high society could celebrate, gossip, and give gifts to the bride-to-be, today, there are many alternatives to the traditional bridal shower.

The term “wedding shower” may be opted for as a pre-wedding event when there isn’t a bride and also when the occasion includes everyone, regardless of gender. A “couple’s shower” has also become a popular alternative to a traditional bridal shower. It’s the perfect event for a couple that can’t stand to be apart, and a great way to let friends get to know one another before the big event. The other caveat is that a ocuple’s shower is usually organized as a cocktail party versus a luncheon.

If you’re beyond wedding showers and bridal banquets, don’t forget about the baby! Celebrations are meant to bring joy, and what bigger joy is there than your new bundle!? Baby showers or baby namings all should be celebrated with friends and family. Emil Bach House provides safe options for parties, family gatherings, and weekend retreats no matter what kind of shower you choose to host.

One of the most unique aspects of this event venue is the outdoor seasonal tent to protect your guests from sun and rain – plus lodging! Emil Bach House sleeps up to six people in three private, unique, and comfortable bedrooms. Inside the home, the first floor includes a large gathering space with a dining room and living room area, fireplace, full kitchen, and screened-in porch. The second floor features a study and two guest rooms, along with two full-sized bathrooms.

For your next shower, consider booking the Emil Bach House. The event is sure to be unforgettable!