Not much is known about the origins of the term ‘Cabin Fever.’ However, most of us know what Cabin Fever feels like. It is associated with being cooped up at home during a rainy weekend or during a winter blizzard. It can even manifest as irritability and sadness as a result of confinement or isolation at home. Many Chicago residents may be suffering from this condition right now.

Experts share that there is no specific diagnosis for cabin fever. They estimate that it is more of a collection of symptoms that can happen during circumstances such as blizzard conditions, the long winter, the pandemic, lack of transportation, and lack of social contact. There are steps you can take to avoid succumbing to severe cabin fever. Stop watching the news and burying your face in your smartphone and computer, and experience something new. Even though it’s cold, the best option is to get out of the house!

To help you make that happen, we’ve discounted private rentals of our historic and iconic home in Roger Park. Check out our April rates at Lang House Chicago with a special discount automatically applied when you book – up to 50% savings off of already affordable rates. This spacious, charming and historical property provides guests with an extraordinary experience to help relieve Cabin Fever.

We’ve also made adjustments to operations to ensure that we uphold the highest safety levels for our guests and staff. One of the changes includes a total of 36 hours between guests to ensure thorough disinfection. We strongly recommend that you book your stay or event with your household or those defined as being within your safe social circle.

Take advantage of these rates and indulge yourself and your family in a retreat for the soul.