For many people, the new year brings new resolutions. Whether you resolve to save money, lose weight, travel more, or spend more quality time with family and friends, keeping your resolutions requires dedication and support.

Spending more time with family and friends is a popular resolution for many people. Planning a family reunion requires ample time, so if this is one of your resolutions for 2022, you need to get started!

The hospitality team at Emil Bach House and Lang House Chicago would like to help you plan your next family reunion. Chicago is a great central location for many families to come together. Here are some valuable tips for creating a successful family reunion:

1. Appeal to Everyone in the Family

When planning an event, it is easy to forget to include activities for each age group. Consider reaching out to family members with a questionnaire or survey to help gather your family’s opinions on the reunion activities. Games, conversation starters and planned activities or outings will help make your family reunion in Chicago a success! Think about creating an itinerary for the event, especially if it will take place over several days.

2. Secure a Location

Don’t wait to book a location. It’s not uncommon to reserve space from six months to a year in advance. If you are looking for an outdoor option for gathering together during your reunion, the Chicago Park District has many popular locations near the Emil Bach House and Lang House Chicago. An outing to Loyola Park may be just what the family needs. The Park offers more than 21 acres of outdoor space with a lakefront walking trail and two gyms for the little ones.

For intimate family reunions for up to 22 people, Lang House Chicago and Emil Bach House are the perfect places to bring the whole family! Whole-home rental can be surprisingly affordable and allows your entire family time to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxing setting. These historical homes feature nine individual bedrooms with private bathrooms and additional sleeping options to accommodate up to 22 family members. Both houses have laundry rooms and full kitchens. In addition, Lang House Chicago has two outdoor decks so you can enjoy the Lake Michigan breeze, and relax and spend time together in a gated space. Emil Bach House offers a fresh air Japanese tea house, screened porch and spacious patio area surrounded by lush gardens. Learn more about what these homes have to offer and book today on our website.

3. Consider Food Sensitivities

Ask your family members if they have any food allergies or special requests. The last thing you want is your vegetarian brother-in-law to be left with an empty plate. Will everyone bring a dish? Will you partially cater? Is there a family food tradition? Will you barbeque?

Our houses are fully equipped with cookware, utensils, multiple ovens and stove tops and dish and glass ware to help you execute the perfect meals for your gathering. Creating a menu ahead of time and having it on hand for the reunion will help set expectations for guests. Are there special family recipes that can be shared and made together? Don’t forget to appeal to the kids and picky eaters in the family. An approved list of caterers and suggested restaurants near Lang House Chicago is available.

4. Delegate Tasks

Communicate with everyone involved in the family about plans for the reunion. At the same time our event experts suggest having a core group of people responsible for planning key elements of the event. Once the core group decides on the general reunion itinerary, make a list of tasks that need to be done and divide up the list. Set deadlines for tasks so that nothing slips through the cracks. Family reunion planning can be stressful, but it can also be fun. The excitement of knowing that your family will come together to spend quality time with each other should be relished.

5. Create Memories

Making unforgettable memories should be the goal of the family reunion. Talk to your family about how that can be achieved. Consider having older family members share history and stories about your family with photos. Pick music that appeals to each generation so you can get people up and dancing. Also, consider playing a favorite family game or coming up with new games. Both Lang House Chicago and Emil Bach House have puzzles and games on hand for you. Remember that memories stick with people forever. Make this family reunion count!