When walking past a building or staying at a historical home, it rarely crosses a bypasser’s mind how that structure came to be. A building’s design should not be overlooked, but instead, be appreciated. The design that makes up the architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright is anything but ordinary. Designing hundreds of buildings that include museums, churches, office buildings and private homes, his original and modern design approach is evident throughout all of his unique structures.

Prairie-Style Features
Wright’s creations were strongly influenced by nature and plants that emphasized his craftsmanship. These design patterns inspired by nature are additionally repeated in windows, carpets and other aspects of the interior and exterior design.

The Use of Concrete Blocks
Designing the textile concrete system, his architectures are now featured in films that depict the future because of its innovative style. Wright’s use of innovative materials throughout his structures included precast concrete blocks, glass bricks and he famously used Pyrex Glass.

The Art of the “Wright” Angle
All of Wright’s structures contain geometry elements that give a visually appealing and engaging experience for viewers and visitors – both indoors and outdoors.

Distinctive Window Designs
In addition to ordinary windows, Wright used large extensions of glass to cloud the boundary between the inside and outside elements. He believed that all of the components that make up a structure should be unified in a way that makes it one.Styling ribbons of uninterrupted glass casement windows and doors in his Prairie style buildings, Wright conceived his windows as an integral part of his organic design. Calling them “light screens,” the glass designs are all geometric abstractions unique to each building.

Designing with Light
“More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of buildings” – Frank Lloyd Wright. This iconic quote by Wright reflects his masterful style of glass and natural light. He was one of the first to design and install custom-made light fittings. A prominent aspect throughout his structures, the use of natural light was an intentional approach made by Wright.

Each of Wright’s structures were intentionally crafted as he perfected a distinctly American style of architecture that echoes simplicity and beauty.