The Chicago Architectural Center’s Open House Chicago will be in full swing this year with the ability to tour many Chicago spaces, not usually open to the public. It can be challenging to navigate the neighborhoods to make the most of your visit with so many places to see. The neighborhoods have a lot to offer beyond the Open House Chicago sites, including the extensive public art in Rogers Park.

We’ve put together this path for you to enjoy the art along the way from one Rogers Park site to the next:

Stop #1

Lang House Chicago 7421 N. Sheridan Rd.

Sat, Oct 16: 10am – 5pm Sun, Oct 17: 12pm – 5pm

Lang House Chicago is the only historic house on the tour that is also a vacation rental home and event space. Edgar M. Newman designed the home in 1919 in the American Foursquare style. Some of the home’s highlights are original stenciled walls, an imported tile floor, an Art Nouveau wall painting, and one-of-a-kind leaded-glass windows. You can learn more about the history of the property here.

Stop #2

Rogers Park Shuffle public mural 1416 W Chase

Completed in 2010, this was the first mural by artist Shane Treacy. The intention was for ‘Rogers Park Shuffle’ to be fun. Treacy said in an interview, “The idea of the mural was to celebrate all the different people who live in Rogers Park. I really appreciated the diversity of the neighborhood. I wanted the mural to be fun and bright to liven up the dingy underpass.”

Stop #3

Urban Oasis public mural at Touhy and Glenwood

Artist Leah Tumerman completed the mural as part of the 2010 Mass Underpass Murals competition. Tumerman said in an interview, “The piece presents iconic neighborhood architecture, reimagined and integrated with the natural world. The whimsical and vibrant streetscape attempts to brighten the underpass, which serves as a major commute route for local residents.”

Stop #4

Mile of Murals at Touhy & Glenwood

The Mile of Murals is a community-based public art initiative that began in 2007 to promote and celebrate the arts-centered identity of Rogers Park. Consisting of five block-long pieces, seven viaducts, and one overpass, the Mile of Murals has commissioned over 14 large-scale works, totaling over 14,000 sq feet of painted walls. The murals are sponsored by the Rogers Park Business Alliance and the Clark/Morse/Glenwood Special Service Area.

Stop #5

Chicago Metra Mural at Ravenswood & Morse

Designed by artist Molly Zakrajsek, the colorful mosaic-style Chicago Metra mural is 100 feet long. When the mural design was initially submitted, it was titled Birds, Bugs, Butterflies and Beauty. It was completed with the help of residents from Rogers Park and Anne Vandevender.

Stop #6

In Dreams mural at Ravenswood & Farwell

Created by artist Jennifer Cronin, In Dreams was one of the 2010 Mass Underpass Murals competition winners. Cronin described the mural in an interview, “This piece is about the beauty that we all have within us and the infinite capacity of the human mind and imagination to dream up something beautiful.” Cronin collaborated with artist Dan Bellini for the project.

Stop #7

Interrelation mural at Ravenswood & Pratt

Artist Jose Agustin Andreu was inspired by the closing words of the Declaration of Independence, ‘…we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.’ Andreu explained, “I wanted this mural to remind everyone that we all have a responsibility to our communities and our nation and that we have already pledged our commitment when we agreed to partake our rights.”

Stop #8

Indian Boundary Park Cultural Center 2500 W. Lunt Ave.

Sat, Oct 16 Closed. Sun Oct 17: 10am – 5pm

Designed by Clarence Hatzfeld and completed in 1929, the Indian Boundary Park Cultural Center is a picturesque Tudor Revival fieldhouse. Inside is a charming auditorium with a stage used for programs, theater productions, concerts, community meetings and private rentals. In 2005, the City of Chicago designated the Indian Boundary Cultural Center a Historical Landmark and in 1995, the building was entered in the National Register of Historical Places.

Stop #9

Tree House Humane Society 7225 N. Western Ave.

Sat, Oct 16: 12pm – 5pm, Sun, Oct 17: Closed

Completed in 2017, the Tree House Humane Society is home to eleven cat colonies, nine of which have access to outdoor enclosures. The eco-friendly building has energy-efficient floor heating and extensive skylights. During Open House Chicago, the 2nd-floor adoption center will be open for visitors to interact with the cats. A working feral cat colony will be available for viewing in the Tree House parking lot.

After your visit to Rogers Park, don’t forget to use the Open House Chicago app to find more of Chicago’s architectural wonders.