Honoring the Lessons of History to Create Positive Change

Part of TAWANI Hospitality, the Lang House is co-owned by TAWANI Enterprises.

Our hospitality collection includes Emil Bach House, Lang House Chicago, and Lincoln Way Inn Bed & Breakfast just 90 miles due west of Chicago.

Launched from an entrepreneurial spark by COL (IL) Jennifer N. Pritzker, IL ARNG (Retired) in 1994, TAWANI Enterprises, Inc. was named for Pritzker’s three children – Tal, William and Andrew – and is dedicated to a vision of investing in projects that connect people to the history in their midst and create opportunities for growth and knowledge, while forging stronger, healthier communities.

TAWANI in the Community

Through all its work, TAWANI Enterprises unites past and progress by advancing historic preservation, sustainability, neighborhood development, military history and awareness and other projects that impact people and the place they live. Here are the TAWANI brands that bring our vision to life.

TAWANI Property Management >

Creates exceptional environments in which to live and work, through highly personal service, prompt response times and open, clear communications.

TAWANI Property Development >

Restores, preserves and builds extraordinary residential and commercial spaces of lasting value.

TAWANI Property Management Hospitality >

Three extraordinary properties, all architecturally significant and painstakingly restored, provide guests with a unique, five-star experience during their stay or event.

TAWANI Foundation and Pritzker Military Foundation >

TAWANI’s two giving arms are centered around military issues, education, history, the environment, cultural institutions, and health and human rights.

Monroe Building Chicago