When traveling to a big city like Chicago, the place you decide to lodge will either add to your trip, or make it merely average. This is usually the least exciting part about planning a trip, but it doesn’t have to be! More than just a place to sleep, an exceptional stay is one that feels like home while inspiring you to discover the unique qualities the city has to offer – giving you a memorable experience.

Here’s why staying at a unique place like Lang House is the best way to explore Chicago:

History, Architecture & Culture Something that you can’t experience at a typical hotel chain is the historic ambiance that most vacation rentals provide to their guests. There is so much to learn during your stay at a home – especially if it was built in the early 1900s or even earlier. Understanding the history behind the architecture, who resided in the home before it became a vacation rental, and the culture of the town that you’re staying in will give you memorable stories to tell when you return to your friends and family.

The View Usually, there’s not much to say about a typical hotel room in a city – there’s a bed, desk and chair, a bathroom, and if you’re lucky, a view of something other than an alley. The views from a vacation rental are often unique windows to the community and environment. The rooms of historic rentals often have a significant meaning that is linked to the history of the homeowners, the land, or the designing architect.

Personal Attention It’s all about you! Lang House Chicago is professionally managed, which is not the case with all vacation rentals. The home is professionally cleaned and disinfected between guests, following CDC and industry guidelines, especially important in a post-pandemic world. Check-in and check-out are fully contact-less, allowing you to arrive at any time and begin to enjoy your stay immediately. At the same time, you will notice the personalized attention from staff. Our Hospitality team is always nearby, and your questions and concerns will be answered promptly while accommodations will be made to make your stay extra special.

Comfort & Space If possible, try finding a vacation rental that is just close enough to the city to kick back and relax after a long day of meetings, or exploring the Loop. Convenient public transportation can ensure an easy commute, and your host can help you find your way around. At the end of the day, you can return to your home away from home!

See a New Side of the City Do you want an exciting story to tell about your visit? Stay somewhere off the beaten tourist path. See the real Chicago, which is known for its neighborhoods, full of character and history. Whether you’re visiting for only a couple of days or a full week, staying at a unique place that exemplifies the city’s diversity will give you plenty of interesting stories to share. There is so much to see, hear, feel, smell and taste in Chicago– let the place you stay set the foundation for your trip.

Staying at a historic place that exudes relaxation will create an enjoyable and memorable experience, no matter what your reason is for visiting or the season. You will find yourself discovering new things to do that wouldn’t even cross the typical tourists’ mind. The quality of your trip relies heavily on the place you choose to stay, for you will begin and end your trip here, hopefully with us!